Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Many years ago God sent his son to live with us so that we may know God. Christmas celebrates his birth...we are so thankful for the chance we have to share in the promise of joy, peace, hope and love that is central to what His message was/is. May you all have a wonderful Christmas and I thank you for sharing my life with me.

This image is from the beginning of the year...we may not have a "white" christmas but it will be full of love!
1. My loving Savior
2. My wonderful family
3. My awesome friends
4. Joy
5. Peace in my heart
6. The ability to work from home
7. We are able to pay the bills
8. My health
9. Our vehicles
10. My home

Thursday, December 17, 2009

a third post!!

Since I have been so busy doing and being the last few weeks...
I haven't been blogging and so much is happening that I just have to tell you about. Or at least record for my memory which isn't what it once was!!

Gary took some engagement photos of our son and his fiance' Gabriele. I think we will try for a few more tomorrow if the rain holds off. These are some from Portland that we did...the "Old church" where they got engaged...

they were told a little less Nick did more...wonder where he gets that from?

December at Canazzi's

what else???
tree lighting downtown
driving around looking at lights
getting new Christmas music
make cards and mail
wedding plans begin
find white elephant gifts
wrapping presents
some people...still shopping
reading christmas stories
watching special movies
Hope you all are taking the time to enjoy the holidays...

Thankful Thursday

1. yummy smells in the house
2. no desire to eat treats either!!
3. silver sparkle french tip manicure
4. sharing our glorious God
5. visits with friends
6. anticipations....
7. new music
8. internet inspiration
9. month break from photo business
10. wedding plans

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. my Great Big Amazing God
2. my wonderful kids
3. my awesome friends
4. my cozy robe
5. sleeping in
6. Facebook and checking in with old friends
7. free tickets to Christmas show
8. invites to parties
9. warm drinks
10. Christmas smiles

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

November chalkboard, everyone who came to the house added something...
1. glittery baubles

2. smiles on peoples faces
3. getting projects done
4. not being sick
5. closing office for December
6. the PEACE that comes from understanding
7. new music in my IPOD
8. traditions
9. new couch
10. son in now engaged!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Memories-Engaged!!

*dining room decor...
Last Monday evening our son Nick asked his lovely girl to become his bride...
He got 4 of his friends to help him out as she was sent on a sort of scavenger hunt which ended at the Old Church in Portland. All the details weren't shared with me but I do know that he learned to play one song on a piano and then sang to her. They showed up at the house afterward and were greeted by friends and family.
*Just walking in...
*the ring with the diamond from my mom's ring...
showing papa...
*door decor....
*living room decor...
*mantel decor...
*hallway decor...(these two were made by amy)
*gotta have cupcakes...
we are looking forward to July...

Welcome to the family miss gabriele!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


That is what life has been for me much to be thankful for....
a small part of a longer list!
1. shopping trips
2. faithful friends
3. supportive family
4. my functional kitchen
5. $ to buy food, etc.
6. a good tired
7. engagement parties
8. gathering those close to us near
9. accomplishing all on my to-do list
10. beautiful weather

and you, thanks for sharing my life with me!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

November photos

November is typically our time to wind up the fast pace of Senior photography season. Orders coming in and orders going out. This year however we were blessed and had portraits to take.
The first photo is of our backyard neighbors. When they called and said they had a senior we both were taken aback...wasn't it just last week we saw them waiting for their son's schoolbus?
Anyway, it was fun to interact with the whole family together instead of just listening to them playing in their own back yard.
This next photo is Josie, she is just 16 but is graduating. We always laugh when we see the torn up jeans...we would have thrown them out when we were teens!
And then the three guys we had this month. Each was very comfortable in front of the camera, which makes our job so much easier...
Tomorrow we are scheduled for another family and another senior. We will see if that happens or not!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. God's promises
2. New focus
3. Celebrating family
4. Dear friends
5. New coats-thanks Teri :)
6. New pajamas
7. Magazines
8. Smiles
9. Colorful pens
10.Blustery daysa blurry picture is better than no picture-right!?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday memories

In September I saw the movie "UP" with the family-loved it!

A few weeks ago as I was awaiting Gary who was in a Photo Equipment shop I decided to pop out of the car and look are some images I took and then played with a bit in photoshop.

If you get inspired be sure to share your images!!
thanks for stopping by...