Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is pretty

I was just checking out some of the blogs I frequent. And this one is doing a giveaway of the prettiest little necklace-If you go visit and enter-be sure to tell her I sent you over!

A whole month

Well I made it for a month-blogging about the simple things in my life over at my other blog.
Today's entry showed the Valentine's Amy and I made to sell at the coffee shop our friend owns. If you haven't been in, you should stop by for fantastic coffee or a yummy lunch. It is right next to Kinko's on Mill Plain just west of I-5. Oh and also buy a card or two...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

See Randy-part 7

See Randy leveling the bookcase. In addition to the kitchen we asked Randy to make bookcases to flank our fireplace. (something I have always wanted) Well because of the age of the house, etc. he had to use some creativity to make them level.
The kitchen is mostly done, well Randy's part is done. I still need to make curtains.
Once everything is finished completely I'll post pictures. I haven't been wanting to do much since Monday!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tales Of Mere Existence

I was going to get a lot of stuff done today...but then...
maybe tomorrow!

Weekend progress

Yes, progress was made over the weekend too. Things had to go back into the kitchen...
I told DH he didn't have to help so he did this-it didn't last too long! Sorry hunny :( I think DH-Gary and DD-Amy had fun teasing me. I kept hearing things like, "Here are some more canned goods." "Here are some more spices." " How many cans of evaporated milk do you need?" And when I had pretty much filled up every space, I heard "here's another box!" Then they laughed when I looked flustered....

The dishes in the cupboard are from my mom's collection. We did order some new ones in fun colors called Shamrock, Sunshine and Torquoise. Got free gifts and free shipping, about the only things free in the whole kitchen!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

10 days

10 days from when Randy started the kitchen, it is practically done!
The doors with glass went up today-I did some more shopping for organizing containers. I love to have places for everything to live.
Then I did touch up painting and wiped everything down with vinegar/water. Cleaned the floors and then put everything away that had been piling in the dining room and living room. My house looks back to normal...if you don't look in the back room. Amy wants to help put everything away on Sunday. Organizing is FUN!
I brought out my new mixer and canisters-they look so cute I think.Now we think we may need new dishes, we are thinking of mixing up colors of this-and bringing home a few pieces from my mom's collection for accents. She collected serving pieces in the original "red" color.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

See Randy-part 6

See Randy measure before he cuts- See the cupboard doors Randy built-
See the new window surrounds Randy put in-
See the drawer fronts and the installed dishwasher-
See where Randy installed the microwave-
and the new stove-
A few more details and the kitchen will be ready for move in-

See Randy-part 5

See Randy laying down on the job-actually he is getting the stove ready for installing...
See Jo's arm cleaning tile-she did a lot of that today...See the new tile with the messy green tape still in place...
Randy said he will be finished TOMORROW!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinner out

We have had dinner out this last week more times than we normally would in like 3 months!
Tonight was Chevy's-love that carnita meal.

Today the dishwasher was installed and run. Boy is it ever quiet...

Say what?

This morning I told Gary he could leave the bedroom door up I was getting open...
Isn't it funny how sometimes our words get scrambled up in the speaking?!

Have a great day today-here we are enjoying the sunshine!

Yesterday's picture of the day-a shopping cart full of stuff for the new kitchen...

Monday, January 19, 2009

See what Randy did-

The appliances came today!! 2 in boxes still-
2 installed-
floor installed-
and backsplash set-
Tonight we kept inventing reasons to go into the kitchen to look...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

See Randy-part 4

See what Randy did today; my formica with a metal edge. (to keep with the original character of the house)
This is the fabric I picked out for curtains-
Day of rest tomorrow and play date with Amy-woo hoo!

Movin' Out

Gary's Christmas present-We saw this today-AMAZING!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

See Randy-part 3

See what Randy brought-in a huge horse trailer-
Randy set up a little work space-
Randy has lots of tools and things-
See Randy and his dad install cabinet #2; a special one designed just like I asked for-
See Randy cut a cabinet for a perfect fit. See dust spread throughout the kitchen and dining room-
See Randy checking the fit of my cookie sheet cupboard-
No see Randy :D He went home for the night but left behind all my cabinets minus fronts. Look at those HUGE drawers that pull out all the way and close by themselves!
Oh Randy-they are purty-
Tomorrow should be floor and counter. Appliances on Monday....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Randy today but...

There was a Gary-he is the love of my life and took the day off work just to help me paint. Oh and to pick up plumbing supplies and more tiles for the backsplash.
Here is a photo of the room painted. Do you recognize the color? It is the same as I had before! I loved it so much that we had another gallon mixed up.Not sure what is happening tomorrow so we will wait and see.
Have I thanked you for following along with me and for your nice comments?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

See Randy-part 2

Bart the electrician was here at 8:30 am just like he said he would be-lots of new outlets. He also found that where the stove plugged in there had been a short at sometime and the outlet was damaged. Good thing he was going to replace that anyway!
See Randy skim coat-
See Randy texture the finished walls-(this was taken with Gary's new camera and a fancy fisheye lens-Randy worked until about 9 pm...
We had a family photo shoot this evening and then dinner out at Applebee's-yummy.
Then we headed to Lowe's for new lights and a faucet.Oh the exciting life-whatever will I do when this is finished?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

See Randy...

See Randy smile before he gets too much into the project- weapons of destruction-
See Randy prepare to pull out the sink and faucet-
See Randy pull up a counter while the electrician Bart tries to figure out how to do the project
I asked him to do-
See the marks Randy made to show Bart where things are going-
See the blue/green paint that was found inside the cupboards. It looks a lot like the color I painted and will paint again for the new kitchen-

See the pink paint we found that I think was the "backsplash" with the original green walls-

See the three layers of floor; one looks like original Marmoleum (stripes). One was the floor that was down when we moved in (it has the stenciling I did on it in the 90's). Then the peel and stick black tile Amy and I put down a few years ago.

The transformation!
This morning :)
This afternoon:0
thanks for visiting....
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