Tuesday, January 13, 2009

See Randy...

See Randy smile before he gets too much into the project- weapons of destruction-
See Randy prepare to pull out the sink and faucet-
See Randy pull up a counter while the electrician Bart tries to figure out how to do the project
I asked him to do-
See the marks Randy made to show Bart where things are going-
See the blue/green paint that was found inside the cupboards. It looks a lot like the color I painted and will paint again for the new kitchen-

See the pink paint we found that I think was the "backsplash" with the original green walls-

See the three layers of floor; one looks like original Marmoleum (stripes). One was the floor that was down when we moved in (it has the stenciling I did on it in the 90's). Then the peel and stick black tile Amy and I put down a few years ago.

The transformation!
This morning :)
This afternoon:0
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How are you eating these days?

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