Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sugar cookies!

Last night was cookie decorating night at our little house. I made the cookies on Tuesday and then after dinner we started in. Gary took a few photos to get us going...
Gabriele looks like she really wants the snowman-
Awe-they look so sweet as they steal some treats to eat...
OOPS-Nick has the camera now, you never know what will end up on the camera!
Mixing frosting colors and toppings-
that red turned out sorta pink-
artistic shot-
Gary's back!
wow-I was really close to her wasn't I?
My shaky thumb makes it difficult to take in focus shots!
Changed position of my hand and this one turned out but he wouldn't look at me-
All spread out to dry-
Nick got a bit adventurous in his colors-
love those big coconut flakes-
a bowtie-
oh and the spiritual one made a Jesus cookie-
now to figure out which one to eat! :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Baking day...

Baking day-I have been going back and forth as to whether I should make a bunch of cookies or not. What made the decision? I love to I just need to pass the wealth along cause these things are good!

Had to put the leaf in the table so I would have enough room for this photograph of the largess!
the first two photos are of items I actually made a couple days ago-these are our two very favorite things so I made double batches of them...
"Almond Roca" made with saltines
Christmas biscotti with fennel seed and candied cherries-
Lemoncello coconut truffles-
Macaroon mountains-
Chocolate Pixies-these are Nick's favorite!
Chocolate caramel pecan bars-
new recipe that will definately go in our cookie book...
Date and pistachio bars-
Peppermint bark-
this is another new recipe with a ganache center...
Cranberry bliss bars-
Italian Anise cookies-
another new recipe that I liked...not sure yet if everyone else will though
Chocolate chip-
but made with the mint + dark chocolate bags currently at the store...
I ran out of energy and didn't get around to the sugar cookies...maybe Sunday when Amy is here!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catering Gig

The people my friend June works with always get together for a breakfast meal and gift exchange during the holidays. This year she asked if I would like to cater it and they could have it at the church she works in. Of course I said yes-I love planning events and this one I would get paid to do which is always exciting.

Now being the person I am it became more than just a meal. I decided to do centerpieces and other cuteness on the wall behind the food table. Gary took the day off to help me since I had an hour only to set up and be ready when people would begin arriving. After he said he had the time off I told him we needed to be in Camas at 6 am! I guess I forgot to tell him that detail before...he was a good sport though and took along his camera too.

Here is a copy of the menu-no detail left undone!Here is a finished table scape (is that even a proper phrase?) - my theme was pink, red and snowfakes-
I got 16 oz. cups so they wouldn't have to fill them as did those teachers go through their coffee! I made the reusable sleeves for them and set a candy cane as a "handle".
The cuteness of these little mittens was unbelievable...
THE table-I did up the individual fruit salads ahead of time as well as the scoops of Greek yogurt with blueberries. I also did the baking 2 days ahead and the frittata prep the day before. All I had to do when I arrived on Wednesday was pour the contents of my baggies into the pie pans and bake them off.
Every last bit of the eggs were gone-but I didn't eat any...still don't like eggs!
Burned out bulbs are just a craft waiting to happen or a centerpiece-
and lovely Nancee did my nails up for the occasion too-
The next day I read all day and finally put stuff away just before Nick and Gabriele showed up to make cookies in the afternoon!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Tradition at this house is to decorate the day after Thanksgiving-we want to make Christmas last as long as possible! I make up a lunch of snacks and treats and the kids show up when they can.
Gary helped with the garlands since Amy and I are
vertically challenged and Gabriele wasn't here yet.
The theme this year was red, pink and bright green and also vintage.
These piles are the ones that Amy thought were most vintage looking.
This is my favorite ornament-it has hung on our trees
since I was a little kid.
This little angel is Amy's favorite ornament.
This bigger angel is Nick's favorite ornament!!
The decorating crew-
Amy and I made this cute wall hanging from the back of my
desk calendar. And I made the little ball ornaments.
Stockings hung in a row- 75% off at Safeway a few years ago.
Our manger set has been in Gary's family since he was
little. I was going to put out a smaller one I had bought
but was met with resistance in the name of tradition.
My snowbaby collection found a new home in the
Dining room frames were filled with images from a
vintage children's book.
Dining room window filled with bubble lights I
picked up cheap at Goodwill.
Ta-da...the finished tree!
and just in time too-the next day a head cold hit and I spent most of the next 5 days laying on the couch...glad I had something pretty to look at.
thanks for stopping by...