Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catering Gig

The people my friend June works with always get together for a breakfast meal and gift exchange during the holidays. This year she asked if I would like to cater it and they could have it at the church she works in. Of course I said yes-I love planning events and this one I would get paid to do which is always exciting.

Now being the person I am it became more than just a meal. I decided to do centerpieces and other cuteness on the wall behind the food table. Gary took the day off to help me since I had an hour only to set up and be ready when people would begin arriving. After he said he had the time off I told him we needed to be in Camas at 6 am! I guess I forgot to tell him that detail before...he was a good sport though and took along his camera too.

Here is a copy of the menu-no detail left undone!Here is a finished table scape (is that even a proper phrase?) - my theme was pink, red and snowfakes-
I got 16 oz. cups so they wouldn't have to fill them as did those teachers go through their coffee! I made the reusable sleeves for them and set a candy cane as a "handle".
The cuteness of these little mittens was unbelievable...
THE table-I did up the individual fruit salads ahead of time as well as the scoops of Greek yogurt with blueberries. I also did the baking 2 days ahead and the frittata prep the day before. All I had to do when I arrived on Wednesday was pour the contents of my baggies into the pie pans and bake them off.
Every last bit of the eggs were gone-but I didn't eat any...still don't like eggs!
Burned out bulbs are just a craft waiting to happen or a centerpiece-
and lovely Nancee did my nails up for the occasion too-
The next day I read all day and finally put stuff away just before Nick and Gabriele showed up to make cookies in the afternoon!

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