Friday, December 17, 2010

Baking day...

Baking day-I have been going back and forth as to whether I should make a bunch of cookies or not. What made the decision? I love to I just need to pass the wealth along cause these things are good!

Had to put the leaf in the table so I would have enough room for this photograph of the largess!
the first two photos are of items I actually made a couple days ago-these are our two very favorite things so I made double batches of them...
"Almond Roca" made with saltines
Christmas biscotti with fennel seed and candied cherries-
Lemoncello coconut truffles-
Macaroon mountains-
Chocolate Pixies-these are Nick's favorite!
Chocolate caramel pecan bars-
new recipe that will definately go in our cookie book...
Date and pistachio bars-
Peppermint bark-
this is another new recipe with a ganache center...
Cranberry bliss bars-
Italian Anise cookies-
another new recipe that I liked...not sure yet if everyone else will though
Chocolate chip-
but made with the mint + dark chocolate bags currently at the store...
I ran out of energy and didn't get around to the sugar cookies...maybe Sunday when Amy is here!

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