Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Tradition at this house is to decorate the day after Thanksgiving-we want to make Christmas last as long as possible! I make up a lunch of snacks and treats and the kids show up when they can.
Gary helped with the garlands since Amy and I are
vertically challenged and Gabriele wasn't here yet.
The theme this year was red, pink and bright green and also vintage.
These piles are the ones that Amy thought were most vintage looking.
This is my favorite ornament-it has hung on our trees
since I was a little kid.
This little angel is Amy's favorite ornament.
This bigger angel is Nick's favorite ornament!!
The decorating crew-
Amy and I made this cute wall hanging from the back of my
desk calendar. And I made the little ball ornaments.
Stockings hung in a row- 75% off at Safeway a few years ago.
Our manger set has been in Gary's family since he was
little. I was going to put out a smaller one I had bought
but was met with resistance in the name of tradition.
My snowbaby collection found a new home in the
Dining room frames were filled with images from a
vintage children's book.
Dining room window filled with bubble lights I
picked up cheap at Goodwill.
Ta-da...the finished tree!
and just in time too-the next day a head cold hit and I spent most of the next 5 days laying on the couch...glad I had something pretty to look at.

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