Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Have you seen this?

This was an amazing read for me. Realizing that beauty is really who you are and not necessarily what you look like. I need to remember that God created me, just as I am and he does not make junk! I am trying really hard to see myself as beautiful. All of me as a whole.

I don't think that society at large wants us to be content in who we are. There are so many pressures to change instead of just being who we are.

So my challenge to you today, is to look at what you say to yourself. To try to rethink if you are being mean to yourself. You wouldn't take it from others so stop taking it from yourself.

You and I are beautiful just as we are...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Wednesday night already?!

The week is just flying by-I guess being busy does make time go faster.
I did some more thrift store hunting for things for Nick's new place. My dad can't understand why I would want to cover the Early American couch and chair that has really good upholstery on it. Maybe the fact that it is covered with an orange, yellow and brown floral pattern might have something to do with it! The couch cover was a steal and the chair cover kinda high for thrifting but for under $20 they are both now covered in a neutral beige and looking pretty good.

My dad pitched in for a used washer and dryer for the boys and when we were shopping we somehow managed to buy ourselves a different fridge. So the movers deliver the fridge here Sat. and take the one we had over for Nick. They will then take the one I discovered had mold all along the doors away. ( I did attempt to remove most of the mold though )

Nick has been busy pressure washing outside and doing some of the cleaning. Praise the Lord he was the one who found the very dead mouse and not Amy or I...
We will be doing the "big" paint day on Sat. May 10. We won't turn anyone away who would liketo help, hint hint.

until next time,

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Your very own radio station

Okay, time to fess up...
you really do wish you had your very own radio station that played the kinds of music you liked and didn't have people interrupting all the time with commercials...
Check out http://www.pandora.com/ and create your own station! Just plug in the names of artists you like and it will pull up them and others like them and you have your very own radio station.

Oh and if you haven't been to the play yet, you will want to...it is really fun and full of smiles from the audience.

Something fun to do with all the extra time you have!!

Have a good weekend,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Just a photo reminder to come see the play this week or next...see the link under "Near and Dear."
I'm ready...purple nails and all...I hope!


Monday, April 14, 2008

So much stuff

So much stuff stuffed in corners of my dad's lower level aka basement. My dad's sister used to use this area when she stayed a few weeks at a time with my dad. Yesterday we all went over to start the clearing phase of getting the area ready for Nick to move in. We found bags of bags and tons of empty jars. Disposable glasses that had been washed and put back in the cupboards. Pasta sauce my mom froze in '97. Boxes of flattened boxes and remnants of mice...which totally freaked Amy out. We took down calendar pages which had been up as "art". Blue curtains from when my gran moved in at the beginning of the 90's came down and were put away. The windows already had mini blinds so the curtains were extra. Moved things around on the shelves in the storage area so there would be a few extra shelves. Took a lot of talk to try to get my dad to understand why we wanted to paint. I don't think we convinced him and the color we picked up looks like "baby poop" not exactly the wording he used. Change is hard but even though Nick won't be paying a lot to stay there, I think he deserves a fresh space and it hasn't been painted since gran moved in. Amy would say it hasn't been cleaned since gran died in '94 either! So this will take a lot of my time until the start of June when he plans to move in.

Of course the next few weeks I will be focusing on the box office for Magenta's current production and then I have a few days of filling in for a friend at her shop while she is out of town. We have a few people calling for senior portraits before graduation too. We jokingly ask ourselves " didn't they know it was coming up?!"

So until next time, enjoy what you are doing...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time is running out!

Magenta Theater's production of Once Upon a Palace Purple opens in just 8 days!It's an unconventional fairytale about four unusual princesses -- Aquanetta, Tony, Persnickety (played by my cute daughter!) and Mandible -- and their mother's attempt to marry them off. There's singing and hip-hop dancing, a flirty fairy godmother, an evil king & queen with four "fabulous" daughters, a slithery manservant named Panini, a disco ball and so much more! It's funny and charming -- and you should really come see it! Tickets are selling fast so I suggest you make a reservation ASAP unless you're willing to risk showing up at the door and getting a seat with a less-than-great view...
Thursday, April 17 @ 7 pm
Friday, April 18 @ 7 pm
Saturday, April 19 @ 7 pm
Thursday, April 24 @ 7 pm...most seats available still!
Friday, April 25 @ 7 pm
Saturday, April 26 @ 3 pm
Tickets:Purchased in advance: $10 general admission or $13 VIP
Purchased at door: $10 general admission or $13 VIP
Discounts available for : high school and college students! April 17 show only
Seniors and groups of 10+
Box office: (that is me!) call (360) 635-4358
or e-mail magentaboxoffice@comcast.net
Location:108 W 27th St.off Main Street in Vancouver -- across from Dairy Queen (at the First Baptist Church building)
For more information, check out http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3Lm1hZ2VudGF0aGVhdGVyLmNvbQ==

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It may not look like it from this photo, but these stacks represent hours of research, cataloging, and organizing. Those tapes are my grans voice I spoke of before. The pictures alone are hard to look at without missing her so I wasn't up to listening to the tapes today. So now a bit more computer work, I found a family tree of her dad's siblings that I need to type up and then onto the album.

On another note;
My dad asked his sister and his girlfriend what they thought of Nick moving in and they both agreed it would be a good thing. So Dad said yes. Now to move furniture out and clean. I don't think it has had a good cleaning since grandma died in 1994. We bought some household stuff for Nick and are trying to convince him to put out some money and paint the place. He says it's okay but really....it is in bad shape. Maybe I can convince Gary...


Saturday, April 5, 2008

So this is what my chair looked like the other night while I was watching tv. I took all the photos out of their frames so I am ready to start the heritage album. I originally got stuff to start the
album back in the early 90's when grandma was still around to tell us who some of the people in the photos were. We even audio recorded her as she was going through them. She passed in 1994 just a week before her 88th birthday. It was bittersweet when I put the tape in last week and listed to her unsteady voice. She was who I feel influenced me the most when I was growing up. My mom was a divorcee with 3 children, not much time for touching emerging souls. I look forward to finally getting this put together.
This next pictures are of my mom at 3 and my grandma at about 5 with her mom and grandma.
Her mom had thyroid problems, so that was always the explanation of why her eyes looked like they do. She died when grandma was 8. Oh, and my dad said yes to my baby moving into his basement...more on that later...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I did indeed finish up with the 2007-2008 album to date. Here is one of the layouts I did, it talks about me being Gary's photo assistant.So now which album do I start on? If I do the family history one I have to empty this bag and take all the photos out of the frames. And sort this mess into some sort of cohesiveness.By the way, that picture of the man with the two ladies...that is my grandpa and neither one of those ladies sitting on his lap are my grandma...must have been some partyIf I do the one of my family, I have to sort through this box.I'll let you know what I decide and show you some peeks of the family too later.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


on my shoulder makes me happy!!
I adore sunshine, especially when it isn't too hot outside
or too sunny in my bedroom when I'm trying to sleep.

I made some progress today on my scrapbooking, only about 9 months behind. Not too bad considering I don't take near the number of photos I used too. In fact, on Easter I told my dear daughter not to let me forget to take pictures...when did she remember? After dinner when we were playing games! And the table looked so cute too with my pastel dishes and the place holders I made.
When I finish this scrapbook I will start on the archives. My family history and then all the pictures my mom had of my brothers and I. I hope to have them finished by the end of the summer.
Always good to have goals isn't it?
Well I'm off to see if my dear dad will let my sweet son move into his basement....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Unleashed creativity

A couple weeks ago I worked up some graphics for Mother's Day cards. My creative flow then seemed to fizzle out until today. I had a girlfriend send me an encouraging note this morning and did a bit of talking to God and boy did he ever open the gate. When I tried to make cards last week they all started looking alike, but no more. Take a look here:
Now I have enough for the shop I sell them in and a few for Etsy too.

I'm off for a walk in the sunshine,
ta ta for now or ttfn... k
thanks for stopping by...