Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Wednesday night already?!

The week is just flying by-I guess being busy does make time go faster.
I did some more thrift store hunting for things for Nick's new place. My dad can't understand why I would want to cover the Early American couch and chair that has really good upholstery on it. Maybe the fact that it is covered with an orange, yellow and brown floral pattern might have something to do with it! The couch cover was a steal and the chair cover kinda high for thrifting but for under $20 they are both now covered in a neutral beige and looking pretty good.

My dad pitched in for a used washer and dryer for the boys and when we were shopping we somehow managed to buy ourselves a different fridge. So the movers deliver the fridge here Sat. and take the one we had over for Nick. They will then take the one I discovered had mold all along the doors away. ( I did attempt to remove most of the mold though )

Nick has been busy pressure washing outside and doing some of the cleaning. Praise the Lord he was the one who found the very dead mouse and not Amy or I...
We will be doing the "big" paint day on Sat. May 10. We won't turn anyone away who would liketo help, hint hint.

until next time,

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