Saturday, April 5, 2008

So this is what my chair looked like the other night while I was watching tv. I took all the photos out of their frames so I am ready to start the heritage album. I originally got stuff to start the
album back in the early 90's when grandma was still around to tell us who some of the people in the photos were. We even audio recorded her as she was going through them. She passed in 1994 just a week before her 88th birthday. It was bittersweet when I put the tape in last week and listed to her unsteady voice. She was who I feel influenced me the most when I was growing up. My mom was a divorcee with 3 children, not much time for touching emerging souls. I look forward to finally getting this put together.
This next pictures are of my mom at 3 and my grandma at about 5 with her mom and grandma.
Her mom had thyroid problems, so that was always the explanation of why her eyes looked like they do. She died when grandma was 8. Oh, and my dad said yes to my baby moving into his basement...more on that later...

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