Friday, February 25, 2011


My crafting cottage is a mere 10' x 12' but it is packed full. Awhile back I changed the predominate colors from yellow/purple to white/pink/green. I still like that-it is a calming change from the color filled house...

As I am currently a bit obsessed with the art journaling and canvas painting I decided things needed to be organized a bit differently. Make things more accessible and move the items I'm using more for convenience.
This photo shows the shelves on the north wall that I use to house some favorite things-items that just make me smile. Did you notice the "shadow box" that Amy made for me a few years back with our wedding photo?
This is the top of my messy storage shelving. The white boxes from IKEA hold a mish mash of items. The notes suitcase is where I put cards and letters that mean a lot to me. The canvas assemblage Amy made for one of my birthdays.
This is directly in front of me as I sit at my desk. I put together the birthday angel canvas using a copy of my 4th grade school photo.
I found this wreath as is in a thrift store. I like the white on the white wall. The two pink cards were made my Gabriele/Nick and Amy and the other is a Curly Girl one.
My counter in art journal mode- I use my old license as a paint spreader!
This all sits right next to my chair. I like having my sewing machine where it is easy to get to.
Found the unfinished shelf at Goodwill and filled it with my paints.
Glitter, colored pencils and brushes all easy to get to. All these white shelves are thrift store buys except for the bigger base one.
Buttons in cute canning jars and pens, etc in misc. vases. Most are again thrift store purchases.
Instead of having separate drawers for 81/2 x 11 and 12x12 paper I put them all in the 12x12 file after sorting out the solids.
Inspiration shelves-I love having photos of the kids around. Amy thought the gosling needed a crown.
my really expensive pen holders...
So much easier to see what I have with the ribbons in jars.
More cute inspiration stuff.
and my new old cute!

My set up allows for two people to work so if you are wanting to create a gift or make a card or two let me know...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dreams and confessions

The following is from the Brave Girls blog and deals with dreams. Just so you know-the leader for the group came up with using images of birds as a symbol of our truthteller...mine is God. So when I see a bird now, I remember who it is I'm to listen to.
"Going after your dreams has some kind of deep and beautiful pain that I still can’t describe. When you are in the thick of it all, there is a pain that is so real in physical AND emotional feeling…that I just wish there was ONE word to describe it so that when we are trying to tell people how we are feeling about it when they can see that something big on our smack-in-the-middle-of-building-our-dreams-mind…..we could just say that one word that would embody all of the fear, excitement, bliss, feeling of purpose…loneliness, exhaustion, confusion, shame, guilt, then the shame about feeling ashamed and feeling guilty, AND the deep love for our dream, the deep sense of protection we feel for our dreams….AND biggest of all the way we just have just had to let go of control….and surrender…and how when we finally decided to jump with both feet in, and now we feel like we just got pushed out of an airplane at 30,000 feet and then we each have no idea what is going to catch us….but we know that the plane arrived at the exact place that we were each supposed to jump… we did….because the faith that we would be caught really was bigger than the fear that we wouldn’t. Then…..we are alone in the so-loud-windy-silence…we are breathless…and afraid out of our minds and thrilled out of our minds….and so dang proud of ourselves that we finally just jumped….but then…still…so very very scared…."
Dreams... what are my dreams? Do I have any? BIG confession here... All I can think of is that I want to be happy and content in my soul. Just where I am and looking like I look. I have struggled with this issue for years and with my Brave girl work and attempt to eat better I am getting there. However, I just wonder how many stew over the same things. Why is it that my heart can't be satisfied with what my head knows- which is I am perfect to the one that matters just as I am. The bible says "I am created in HIS image." The saying-God doesn't make junk should resonate loud and clear. Satan is a sneaky guy and gets those little thoughts swirling over and over. Not good enough, not busy enough, not doing enough. I want to be through with listening to those voices. Through believing the lies. Through not feeling that I don't measure up. My new motto is I am enough.
And when it gets ingrained to the point that I breath the truth I'll look beyond and figure out what I want to be and do next.

Friday, February 4, 2011

a disease...

I've been looking for the joy and zest for life that I had back when I was this little girl. It is often said that our little child is just trying to get free from a life of busyness...I stumbled across a blog this morning that finally puts into words what I am finally realizing. As I do the work in my Brave Girls group I am coming to terms with what I call "the voices" in my head. I could probably go schizophrenic they are so loud at times. This blog is written by a man! I had no idea men could feel/think the same kinds of things that I is a bit of what he wrote-
"Perfection" infects every corner of society. It infects our schools. It infects neighborhoods. It infects our workplaces. This is not to say that there aren't a lot of genuinely, happy people. I am one of those people. Most of the time. There is nothing more beautiful than a person finding true happiness in who they are and what they believe. No, this is not me trying to diminish the happiness in others. This is merely me pathetically attempting to put a face on a problem that I see everywhere but few people ever notice.
That is exactly what I'm working on-finding true happiness in who I am...if you want to read more then go to this blog.

I'm off to leave a comment for him.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hearts delight...

I have been crafting today and decided to get the dining room all decked out for festivities. February brings to our house not only Valentine's day but Miss Amy's birthday. Shortly there
after during the first part of March we celebrate our anniversary-this year is #30 ! So we leave the decor up for awhile...
If you are a friend you know to come to the side door and this is what you will see.
The strings of hearts were cut randomly from an old dictionary and then
sewn together along with scrap paper hearts.
Our chalkboard with a string of felt hearts-
Our wall of clip frames that I just change out the images-
the photo of Gary is from about 1979.
I just looked for random images on google and also in my files-
The pink bird one is an Equal ad...
I made a runner by taping paper doilies together.
oh I just love all the pink...but the best part of the month?
Getting to spend time with all the kids together and getting to play games and make cupcakes!!
thanks for stopping by...