Friday, March 28, 2008

Where the magic happens!

Are you a little uncomfortable with that title? Don't worry, the magic I'm talking about is my crafting space. I was doing some research at twopeas (see sidebar) and came across some craft rooms. I am awfully glad for mine and thought you might like to see it. Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest....

We live in a tiny, about 1000 sq. ft. house. My old craft space became a reception room for our photography business so my dear husband had a 10 x 12 shed built and finished it off himself.

This is what you see upon daughter and I have a thing for paper...
This is a metal storage unit (Home Depot) that I have covered with a shower curtain. The boxes (IKEA) hold my rubber stamp collection. And my grandma's sewing machine that I learned to sew on....This is my counter and the wall over it. The see through boxes (Walmart) hold pieces of ribbon and the pink ones (IKEA) have rolls. The cabinet with white drawers (IKEA) holds all my scraps and pens and adhesive.This is my fou-fou wall. All the things my dear husband would rather not have in the actual house. And cabinets (IKEA) store lots of stuff. My counter is held up at either end by more of these cabinets.And everyone needs a pretty light (IKEA) and a chair to sit and look through all the idea books and current magazines...So that is a little look at my craft cottage, my home at home....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is the book that I have been reading for a couple of months. Now if you know me, you are amazed I'm sure that it took that long to read. An example; after I finished this today, I picked up another novel and finished it before going to bed at 10! This treasure took so long because I knew I would be discussing it with some friends so I read and bookmarked passages and such for discussion. Oh, and I actually thought about some of those key passages too. So anyway, as I was finishing up, I thought I was done with the learning. You know it was almost the end, but what did this woman do but put some of the words that I had most been needing to hear, right at the end. Things my therapist has been saying but somehow, hearing someone else say them or it was just the funk I was in, I heard them anew. You want to know don't you...should I tell you or say go get the book? Well for me, the section where she talks about taking everything that is causing sorrow, anger, shame and acknowledging it and accepting it and then letting it rest inside your heart. The place where God is and letting it rest, loving it. I think I have been fighting a lot. Now I am going to need to sit down and do this. I think it will take a bit of time. I only just touched on it today and feel better in the acknowledging.

So that is where I am k

Sunday, March 23, 2008


It seems like the days are just flying past...going here and there, doing this and that and forgetting...why I am here.
Who I live my life for...that there is more than just me.
Easter is an awesome time to slow down and think about what we want to be about.
Who we want to be about.
I want my life to show that I love Jesus.
Must slow down and look and be. Notice the moments.
Today I spent with family and friends. Eating and playing pictionary and eating tofu chocolate pie, which was surprisingly good.
That is what I want to know, that I slowed down enough to be a part of the moments of my life...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


One of the greatest gifts of friendship is being there for one another. My week has been especially blessed with friends. I got to do some shopping with one and treat a few more to dinner. I have received some sweets notes from still others. Most of these friends are facing tremendous difficulties and new lifepaths. What I can do for them is be there, listen, and do things for them to remind there hearts that they are not alone. Maybe as you read this you are reminded of someone you haven't seen for awhile or that is going through a tough time. Take a moment and give them a call, or send a card, or email. Let them know you are thinkingof them.
This inspires me...
and this...

Date Night

On Tuesday night I told my sweetie that on Wednesday I was having my nails and hair done and would look entirely too good to come home and hang out. So he suggested date night and not being crazy I said woo-hoo. He wanted to try out the mexican restaurant in Orchards, Cisco's. Off we went to an almost empty place. It was pretty good food and we actually got caught up on what had been happening during the day. Then off to Barnes and Noble for magazine reading and a caramel frappuccino-yummo. He opened doors and kissed me at the curbs, like before we were married. Just in case you are wondering why we kiss at curbs...he is almost a foot taller than me, this makes us on a more level playing field!

and because no post should be without a photo-a lovely I made celebrating spring...
Have a good day today!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sundays with Amy

Amy is my dear daughter who is coming up on the second anniversary of her wedding date.
*This is a picture of Amy and Karl from Christmas.

I was missing spending time with her something fierce, when one day she suggested spending Sundays with me. Imagine my delightful surprise. The fact that her husband spent Sundays watching sports and not with her no longer bothered me! So on Sundays we get together and craft or watch chick flicks or read magazines. It has been amazing...
*here we are on a Sunday before Christmas getting ready to assemble goodie boxes.
this past weekend we finished a project we started a few weeks back. I had a bunch of empty boxes that chipboard letters came in. They were a C.W.T.H. (craft waiting to happen). So with some paint, glitter, pictures from the wedding and a few extras we created these.

They hang in my bedroom with a chipboard word "family" above them. So cute...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Too much glitter?

So Gary says these have too much glitter. I don't think there is such a thing! I saw these online and immediately went out to my little cottage and made some up. I love them and really anything with glitter. That totally freaks Gary out. He hates glitter with a passion because it sticks to everything and is hard to get rid of. So of course, I try to find or make things with glitter as often as I can...

I did this bunny with pink...

and this bunny with chocolate smelling emboss powder...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A beginning...

A beginning, a place to start, a moment to join with so many others and have a
blog. To have a look into what I'm doing and seeing and creating. Hope you
will enjoy the path with me. This little book was created for a gift basket to be
raffled off at the latest production of the Magenta Theater Company.
The title of the play will be: Once Upon a Palace Purple.
thanks for stopping by...