Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's happening?

Are you wondering what I have been up to? Well, crafts and gardening and photo stuff. It's all been good. Yesterday I spent the whole day reading a novel! Such fun. Today I need to do the bookkeeping. Not so much fun, but with my Pandora on, it is a bit better.

I don't think I showed you this project Amy and I did for Nick's new place.It is a canvas with chipboard scrolls, tissue paper, paint, a great piece of scrapbook paper, words from Casting Crown and an actual guitar pick. I love the way it turned out.

We spent Saturday doing a wedding, the bride had 10 brothers and sisters! Apostalic Lutheran family. I wanted to add a picture but they haven't been processed yet.

Then I finished this:

yep, phase one of my "history" album is done. This is mostly my great-great-grandparents to my grandparent's lives. There is a bit of my parents and my families lives too. The next album will be my grandparents in the 20's, their marriage and my mom's childhood. She got married at 17. Didn't even finish school. Silly woman! She ended up coming home with 2 children and the third on the way. Had to get a GED and do some schooling at Clark to get a job. She did the best she could and isn't that what we all want to do?!

Well, gotta work so I'll post again in a few days.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Have you seen the movie "The diving bell and the butterfly"? Here is a link about it. I thought it was a beautiful movie. A magazine editor has a massive strock and ends up paralyzed but still writes a novel. I absolutely loved it!! The extra stuff on the dvd, where the directors and actors talk about the movie is really great too. Makes me think about all the stuff I say is too hard. Nothing is too hard if you have a determined spirit....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Beautiful days

It has been beautiful around here!
The end of last week I spent days getting the yard in shape. Weeding, trimming, fertilizing, planting. It's purty now...

Father's day was fun, first Amy and I took Gary for a drive and then we had a BBQ lunch. Nick said he would detail the Jeep and Amy made a book with photos of the kids and him through the years. Then he spent the rest of the day/evening playing on the computer. He said it was the best day ever.

I have started the heritage book I talked about here. I even took a few pictures to prove it....

These pages are about my grandfather's family with 8 children. I have one more section for them and then I am on to my grandmother's family. It was only her and her brother, so it will probably be much shorter.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New room

We have a new room in our house. Well a newly designed room. We haven't painted or adorned much, just moved furniture and stuff in. A closet opened up too and now I have all my games in one place and organized. Oh and all the gift wrap is in one place and a drawer for bows, another for bags and another for tissue. So exciting....The view from the lovely couch-

I wish I could get Nick to do a guest post and tell you about moving out and the new place, but knowing Nick it probably won't happen. I'm just glad he pops in to see me!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Free is a good price!

Hey there friends...I just used up my birthday special gift from Red Robin yesterday-yummo.
I was talking to a girlfriend and she didn't know about this specialness. So I thought I would share the wealth. Go to the following links and put in your info and they will send you special coupons for your birthday. Try here and here and here and here and here. Have fun on your birthday too!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A whole LOTTA photos

This is me with a great big birthday smile...I had meant to post these before this but I kept asking the wrong people how to do something on my computer! Should have asked Gary in the first place... We started the day here:
the six pack;my favorite...toasted coconut-yummo!Presents are great fun...this is the card Amy made...
can you read what my gift was? A trip to the theater and dinner-wow!
Artsy photo of Amy in Karl's glasses:
This card from Nick and Gabriele was on top of a speaker port for my IPOD...they want to make sure I keep up with the times!
Gary gave me a pink one of these....so cute!
Then shopping with Amy for the garden and home. And then dinner at Rib City...major yummy!!
On Sunday I met with my Jane Austen book club for the first time.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30091390&id=1057763476
I shopped here first...then we met here...

I had the snack plate.

Our first book.... Then on May 30, my baby, Nick moved into the lower level of my dad's 3500 sq.ft. home. Here are a few pictures of the place and my packed Jeep!
Then this last weekend I convinced Gary that we needed a little retreat to the beach....tracks in the sand and a photo of us on the windy beach. really long post I know, but two very busy weeks worth!!

thanks for stopping by...