Sunday, December 18, 2011

My month with lots of photos

We actually started our holiday shortly before December...

Karl did a drawing on the chalkboard-
oh and that note about weight loss now says 41!

The girls decked out the tree- in red/white and pink
Nick and Gary prepped new outdoor lights and hung them-We tried decking out Daisy-she wasn't impressed-
The dining room got a festive touch-
Even Daisy's little spot got some Christmas cheer-
The hallway with Snowbabies-
The mantle-
An old little chalkboard has been added with the words "it's a boy".
Which could be used both to proclaim the Savior
and little peanut that is making Amy look a bit like Santa-
The finished tree-all shiny and bright-
and then...

I had a few friends over for December scrapbook making-
we saw a steam locomotive decked out for the season-
wrapped some presents-
did a bit of holiday shopping and posing-
watched the Christmas cactus put on a show-
made a few gifts-
baked a few treats-
Got a part-time job~at Patti's Hallmark in Hazel Dell-
and shoes to wear while working-
made some cards (and mailed them)-
met with my friend Jaron for coffee and chat-
did a little thrift shopping-
met a few friends for breakfast-
created a tinsel tree for cards from a tripod-
and kept up with all the fun in my December Daily album-

I hope this finds you enjoying the moments before the big day...remember to take a few to remember the reason for the season and be thankful for all you do have and not so much on what you don't.

Friday, December 2, 2011

as seen on Pinterest

I saw some glittery ornaments on Pinterest. Did you know my husband hates glitter?! I figured this project contains it so they would be okay to hang on the tree.

Make a mess free, sparkly glitter ornaments for Christmas? Then buy clear ornaments ($6 at Target) and gently remove the hanging part. Add some Mop & Glo and swirl it all around and empty into a plastic cup. Don't shake them which creates bubbles. Leave ornament upside down until all the dripping has stopped.

Add any color of glitter inside-I went with white and iridescent. I used a few different types and prefer Martha Stewart fine glitter. Tap out excess glitter, and place top back on. The glitter looks clean and sparkly in the inside. You could added a some tulle or ribbon bows to give it a little something extra.

This image shows the box full of glittery goodness-
The next image shows a closer view-the Martha glitter in white is on the right. Ooo, I rhymed-

Be sure to buy the big bottle of glitter. I used the small one that comes in the set and it only lasted for about 3 ornaments.
thanks for stopping by...