Friday, December 2, 2011

as seen on Pinterest

I saw some glittery ornaments on Pinterest. Did you know my husband hates glitter?! I figured this project contains it so they would be okay to hang on the tree.

Make a mess free, sparkly glitter ornaments for Christmas? Then buy clear ornaments ($6 at Target) and gently remove the hanging part. Add some Mop & Glo and swirl it all around and empty into a plastic cup. Don't shake them which creates bubbles. Leave ornament upside down until all the dripping has stopped.

Add any color of glitter inside-I went with white and iridescent. I used a few different types and prefer Martha Stewart fine glitter. Tap out excess glitter, and place top back on. The glitter looks clean and sparkly in the inside. You could added a some tulle or ribbon bows to give it a little something extra.

This image shows the box full of glittery goodness-
The next image shows a closer view-the Martha glitter in white is on the right. Ooo, I rhymed-

Be sure to buy the big bottle of glitter. I used the small one that comes in the set and it only lasted for about 3 ornaments.

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annaliese said...

thank you for this idea! my kiddos and I enjoy making ornaments and I think we are going to give these a try--they seem much less messy than the decopaged tissue paper ones of a couple years ago!!

thanks for stopping by...