Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It is so frustrating
when you have lots of stuff to do
and then you get a sore throat
and can't talk
so you email your husband
and have him call in sick for you
and so you have a whole day ahead
but don't feel well enough
to do anything
so you sit in you chair
and sip lots of liquids
and read
and nap
and watch tv
and nap
and croak thanks to your
husband who brings
a frappe home for you
and at the end of the day
your throat feels a little
better but you know somehow
it isn't and you probably
still can't talk
but maybe
tomorrow will be better
and you will feel like
doing something
even if it is just sitting
outside in the sun

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brag alert...

 This is all about bragging rights. Our son Nick and his great friend Jenny have been working together creating photographic and video projects. They have started a website, etc. 

Please go and check it out at 

And if you see Nick...tell him to be gentle with me-a mom's right by nature is to brag!

...taken from their website....

About Manazzi

We are in the business of telling stories.

Our philosophy here at Manazzi is simple. We believe everything has a story and every story is worth telling. Our vision is to creatively communicate to the world. We will develop, create and showcase your story. We will dream with you.

Our company is small, but for us this is incredibly valuable and an important part of the services we provide. We are able to offer a more personal experience that is fine-tuned to our client’s needs; each project gets our highest attention to detail and quality.
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