Saturday, March 31, 2012


March 11March 25You saw that first photo in the last post but I just needed to put it here again for a comparison!

She is pretty close to having little peanut-today she was planning on putting her hospital bag together.

As I was looking at her photos I started thinking about the ones Gary took when I was pregnant. So I pulled out the box they were in and looked in our scrapbook for 1984 and found a few to share.

This is from December 1983-
we tried to "hide" our bellies then...
This is January '84-
Gotta love polyester dresses with big bows...
These were "artistic" ones Gary
took the week before Amy was born...
Every girl had photos taken with silk flowers then! Oh and the dress I am wearing...I wore to prom 6 years before.

February 1984
this angel came to live with us and we were all thrilled
especially her Nana-

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This was the very first Baby Baum Bump photo we took at the beginning of November...
and here she is on Sunday with just 4 weeks left to go...We finished up all the projects and then took everything over to her house and set up the nursery...
this sign is from her Sesame Street themed baby shower...on Sunday I noticed the number was her due date! So I was a little preoccupied at the shower-

Here is the photo she posted on Facebook that gives an overall view of the room...
But since we are so into details I am provided some here...
the hoops you saw in process are all arranged on one wall-
the blanket on the crib was one I made and the one on the chest her life long friend Megan made. And here is the neat thing...she DIDN'T know what the nursery colors were when she made it!

The curtains she had up in her first apartment and there is the bunting that Gabriele and Nick helped make. Gotta love IKEA for great dressers-
This shows the fun rug and elephant bank from Urban Outfitters. The clock toy was mine when I was little. Dr. Suess books were Amy and Nick's.
The mobile the kids made-actually cut all those stars out of felt and strung them together. Shortly after it was hung the heater came on and it started spinning...that will be fun for Evan to watch. Hope he doesn't have my problem with motion sickness though!!
This little corner has my grandma's rocker and the pinboard I made. A great print and a few IKEA pieces.
Oh and I couldn't resist another little hat pattern, this one should fit during the winter.
Now I feel better that there is a room waiting for little peanut, we can relax a little more on Sundays...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mema, Nonni, Mimi, Grammi

What's in a name?
My friend's grandson came up with a name for her all by himself which I think is adorable.
But I still think we should have an idea of one ahead of time.
These are the things I think about as I wait for "our" little peanut to be born.

Amy is officially in her nesting phase and we have all been helping her along.
Karl is putting furniture together and the rest of us have been hard at work creating stuff the decorate the nursery with.
We have done a whole bunch of embroidery hoop art with fabric, felt, paint and actual embroidery.
Here are the ones you haven't seen yet on blog posts:I painted/ mod podged a chalkboard with frame and also a bulletin board with vintage inspired paper.I have been busy crocheting too... with a blanket, crown and cute hat so far.The next projects are a pillow, painting on a globe, table runner and getting the photo albums prepped in anticipation of all the photos daddy and poppa will be taking!

And another photo of the Amy and her bump with some ice cream:
Chunky monkey because when she was little Gary called her his monkey and well...she is chunky for the first time in her life!
thanks for stopping by...