Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mema, Nonni, Mimi, Grammi

What's in a name?
My friend's grandson came up with a name for her all by himself which I think is adorable.
But I still think we should have an idea of one ahead of time.
These are the things I think about as I wait for "our" little peanut to be born.

Amy is officially in her nesting phase and we have all been helping her along.
Karl is putting furniture together and the rest of us have been hard at work creating stuff the decorate the nursery with.
We have done a whole bunch of embroidery hoop art with fabric, felt, paint and actual embroidery.
Here are the ones you haven't seen yet on blog posts:I painted/ mod podged a chalkboard with frame and also a bulletin board with vintage inspired paper.I have been busy crocheting too... with a blanket, crown and cute hat so far.The next projects are a pillow, painting on a globe, table runner and getting the photo albums prepped in anticipation of all the photos daddy and poppa will be taking!

And another photo of the Amy and her bump with some ice cream:
Chunky monkey because when she was little Gary called her his monkey and well...she is chunky for the first time in her life!

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