Wednesday, February 29, 2012


First I want to suggest that if you decide in your quest to eat healthier and to make smoothies- smoothies that contain greens as well as fruit and protein powder and some yogurt...DON"T use Romain Lettuce!! Your smoothie will have an overwhelming salad taste. You can alleviate that taste with an amount of frozen fruit and mango juice plus more protein powder BUT you will end up with enough smoothies for the whole week!!
NOW in our quest to get Amy's nursery ready for her and the peanut to spend many hours in -we are spending our Sundays doing projects. She has even gotten her brother and his wife and her dad involved. Here are Nick and Gabriele sewing strips of fabric together. (hope he doesn't mind that I posted that!)
She didn't take a photo of her dad starching and ironing and putting in hoops a bunch of fabric squares. Oh and there isn't one of me stitching either but that is a good thing since I didn't have any make up on and hadn't done much with my hair either. I am not that secure in myself to put those photos out in cyberspace...

This image shows most of the projects I embroidered. The one on the top right is a little tic-tack-toe. She has an eclectic theme that rotates around blue, green and a couple tones of wood.
This image shows her featured fabrics in hoops-this will be a big wall arrangement. These same fabrics were made into a bunting to go on the window. All the kids worked on that one together.
and these are all waiting for felt and paint next Sunday.
And then we can start on the rest of the projects...curtains, globe re-do, table runner, pillows, chalkboard, a banner and installation of all these things too.

It will be a room that she won't mind being in A LOT.

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