Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not yet

Nope, don't have any wedding photos to share yet :(
So instead I'm going to tell you what my lovely friend June did.
For my birthday she said she wanted to take me to a cute little cupcake shop she found in Newberg. And what is a girl going to do? Say no??? Today was the day! She picked me up bright and early for the approximately hour long drive. It was a perfect day and traffic was light, we made record time. We pulled up to this cute little house that was converted into a coffee/ cupcake shop. They had just opened and didn't have all the goodies out yet so we checked the place out. We had picked the right colors to wear, June in blue and I in black/white-we matched the shop!
Then to order-it was tough. June picked chocolate with strawberry buttercream and ganache center, I had chocolate with mint buttercream and ganache...okay everyone say YUMMO!
A portrait of us to commemorate the occasion-
(oh, I forgot my earrings and lipstick this morning)
p.s. the restaurant is "Sweetest Thing cupcakes"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Counting down...

**the following photos are small because I "borrowed" them from Amy's facebook page!

It is now 6:30 am-in exactly 12 hours Nick will be standing at the front of the church waiting for Miss Gabriele to walk down the aisle. The candles will be blazing and the smiles will be big.
Last night we had a lovely little rehearsal and pizza party. They told me I had to practice walking down the aisle...thought that was silly, I had done it at mine and Amy's...knew I could do it at Nick's. So I walked down the aisle, sat down and then got up and walked out the side door. I had to go to the bathroom! Just as I get to the bathroom I hear Amy calling for me-"what?" I asked, you have to do a walk through of lighting the candle. "Oh yeah, well I have to go to the bathroom first." A woman has her priorities don't ya know. So I practiced walking up the stairs, lighting the pretend candle and walking back down. I sat down, then I got up and walked out the side door...things to do for the meal...so the ceremony and slide show will all be new to me just like for our guests. Expect tears and lots of smiles!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One week...

One week or 7 days or about 186 hours or 11,160 minutes or 669,600 seconds

In just one week! my little boy will put on another suit and walk down the aisle to his future...
Oh there are still things to get done and errands to run, but they are thinking about the life they will be sharing. I am so grateful that God answered our prayers and brought along a beautiful gal who just radiates love for her savior. This couple both have parents married to their original spouses! A testament that marriage is work and love and sharing. They have learned well and are committed to making their own marriage last. They truly embody the statement "a wedding is a day-a marriage is forever.

Although my mom's first marriage didn't last, she still kept her dress and photos and bridal book.
Her dress I made into my Christmas tree skirt, photos I put in albums and her bridal book I took apart. Here is the list of gifts she received...I still have the lazy susan, it is plated silver and glass.
I think it is funny that she got a "set of ashtrays" and a "pickle fork."

Now the question is...do you know what a " silent butler" is? I do, but this is a quiz to see if the 50's really were too long ago.

It really has gone by astonishingly fast this last 23 years...I hope that the next 23 slow down some!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

the ROOM

Well I mentioned on Facebook and my last post about the back bedroom. The room was originally Amy's and started out as a soft pink and then went white ( I think) and then went bright green. When Nick moved into the room he was having nothing to do with the green! So we painted it grey and then added black and white accents. Looked good for a boy...but that boy moved out and we wanted something different. Different from the rest of the house, something cheerful and full of life. Something to cheer us up on a cloudy day-and Lord knows we have plenty of those!!

After a failed attempt that took a turn towards fluorescent, this is what we have. A bright green with yellow, pink, blue, and a bit of orange for accents. This is what you see as you walk into the room from the house. I had never painted the door before it was white which looked very bad in a dark gray room.
The view from the outside door.
The big wall-I got the little girl prints and the birds (the painting title was twitterpated-I had to buy it!) are from Etsy. The little shelf and mirror are from a local thrift store and look much better after I painted them. I painted a couple little canvases and glued on a few "Curly Girl" cards. And the numbers-they are part of the numbers from the front of the house. We replaced them a few years back and I kept them for some other time...
This dresser was my grandma's and I think she got it in the 70's. A lacquered golden color. But not anymore.
We had this hanging outside but never used it so I painted it and now it can be used.
This is a painting I did last year and is closely resembles one I saw on Etsy. Frames...don't throw out-just repaint!
Paper flowers I made from a kit Gary gave me and a Goodwill vase. The placemat was part of a set I found at a garage sale. I remember these from when I was a kid.
The neighbors garage sale had this for $5 and Gary was kind enough to carry it across the street for m.
I made this project from a greeting card and scrapbook supplies. I actually had the canvas in my stash of things.
And Kermit is in the room, hope he doesn't have anymore "episodes"...

Monday, July 5, 2010

No photos this time :(

I just had such a great weekend I wanted to share...
We had all the kids here on Friday night for a time-I loved it. Sorta like a hen gathering her chicks close, I love to have them all around me! Amy and I were listening in (and helping some) as Nick and Gabriele tried picking out songs for the wedding. It is going to be so great, I can't wait. Still some details to work out but I keep telling myself that everything will get done, and if it doesn't the world won't stop spinning!!
Saturday involved a lovely drive out in the country. We enjoy taking drives, I always say it's about the best way to keep Gary away from his computer. We found a few roads we hadn't been on which was amazing to us since we have been doing this for about 30 years now. Then home for a nap-why does doing nothing tire people out? We stopped in at a friends great garage sale that included an amazing loaf of chocolate chip bread and yummy grilled hot dogs. Oh and then a drive (again) down Evergreen blvd. all the way to Camas and the antique mall. Gary made quite a large deposit in my love bank that day for sure.
Sunday we worshiped at NHWest and then stopped for coffee and checked out some houses in the Arnada area. Always looking for cool house colors. Next time we have a few hundred extra dollars we hope to have the house painted. Amy came over and we looped by her place to see the yard projects they are doing. Then a bit of shopping for wedding things. Beany weinies for dinner while watching Sinbad's comedy on "On demand." We spent a bit of time looking at our photo albums from when I first started scrapbooking...oh vey! Cutting up photos, lots of decorative scissors and stickers. I like what I do now so much better and the kids are way more cooperative for photos too.
Well it's tomorrow now so I should go in to bed...hope to get some photos taken of our new "room" to share. Gary has Monday off so he should have some time for that. I'll post again with photos!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gabriele's shower

It was a perfect day: weather was gorgeous, people were smiling, sangria was flowing!

If you would like to see the full compliment of photos from the day here is a note from Gary...

Good Day,

The images from Gabriele's Bridal Shower has been posted on our web site for 30 days.

If anyone wants an image all they need do is email me (canazzi@comcast.net) with the image number and I will email them the images back to them to use as they please.

Step 1 - Click this link or copy and paste it to your web browser address

Step 2 - Scroll down to the Image Previews box and type the password; Gabriele

I apologize that our name shows on the images but it is set as a default.


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