Thursday, July 8, 2010

the ROOM

Well I mentioned on Facebook and my last post about the back bedroom. The room was originally Amy's and started out as a soft pink and then went white ( I think) and then went bright green. When Nick moved into the room he was having nothing to do with the green! So we painted it grey and then added black and white accents. Looked good for a boy...but that boy moved out and we wanted something different. Different from the rest of the house, something cheerful and full of life. Something to cheer us up on a cloudy day-and Lord knows we have plenty of those!!

After a failed attempt that took a turn towards fluorescent, this is what we have. A bright green with yellow, pink, blue, and a bit of orange for accents. This is what you see as you walk into the room from the house. I had never painted the door before it was white which looked very bad in a dark gray room.
The view from the outside door.
The big wall-I got the little girl prints and the birds (the painting title was twitterpated-I had to buy it!) are from Etsy. The little shelf and mirror are from a local thrift store and look much better after I painted them. I painted a couple little canvases and glued on a few "Curly Girl" cards. And the numbers-they are part of the numbers from the front of the house. We replaced them a few years back and I kept them for some other time...
This dresser was my grandma's and I think she got it in the 70's. A lacquered golden color. But not anymore.
We had this hanging outside but never used it so I painted it and now it can be used.
This is a painting I did last year and is closely resembles one I saw on Etsy. Frames...don't throw out-just repaint!
Paper flowers I made from a kit Gary gave me and a Goodwill vase. The placemat was part of a set I found at a garage sale. I remember these from when I was a kid.
The neighbors garage sale had this for $5 and Gary was kind enough to carry it across the street for m.
I made this project from a greeting card and scrapbook supplies. I actually had the canvas in my stash of things.
And Kermit is in the room, hope he doesn't have anymore "episodes"...

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Your room is so amazingly cute!

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