Monday, July 5, 2010

No photos this time :(

I just had such a great weekend I wanted to share...
We had all the kids here on Friday night for a time-I loved it. Sorta like a hen gathering her chicks close, I love to have them all around me! Amy and I were listening in (and helping some) as Nick and Gabriele tried picking out songs for the wedding. It is going to be so great, I can't wait. Still some details to work out but I keep telling myself that everything will get done, and if it doesn't the world won't stop spinning!!
Saturday involved a lovely drive out in the country. We enjoy taking drives, I always say it's about the best way to keep Gary away from his computer. We found a few roads we hadn't been on which was amazing to us since we have been doing this for about 30 years now. Then home for a nap-why does doing nothing tire people out? We stopped in at a friends great garage sale that included an amazing loaf of chocolate chip bread and yummy grilled hot dogs. Oh and then a drive (again) down Evergreen blvd. all the way to Camas and the antique mall. Gary made quite a large deposit in my love bank that day for sure.
Sunday we worshiped at NHWest and then stopped for coffee and checked out some houses in the Arnada area. Always looking for cool house colors. Next time we have a few hundred extra dollars we hope to have the house painted. Amy came over and we looped by her place to see the yard projects they are doing. Then a bit of shopping for wedding things. Beany weinies for dinner while watching Sinbad's comedy on "On demand." We spent a bit of time looking at our photo albums from when I first started scrapbooking...oh vey! Cutting up photos, lots of decorative scissors and stickers. I like what I do now so much better and the kids are way more cooperative for photos too.
Well it's tomorrow now so I should go in to bed...hope to get some photos taken of our new "room" to share. Gary has Monday off so he should have some time for that. I'll post again with photos!!!

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