Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not yet

Nope, don't have any wedding photos to share yet :(
So instead I'm going to tell you what my lovely friend June did.
For my birthday she said she wanted to take me to a cute little cupcake shop she found in Newberg. And what is a girl going to do? Say no??? Today was the day! She picked me up bright and early for the approximately hour long drive. It was a perfect day and traffic was light, we made record time. We pulled up to this cute little house that was converted into a coffee/ cupcake shop. They had just opened and didn't have all the goodies out yet so we checked the place out. We had picked the right colors to wear, June in blue and I in black/white-we matched the shop!
Then to order-it was tough. June picked chocolate with strawberry buttercream and ganache center, I had chocolate with mint buttercream and ganache...okay everyone say YUMMO!
A portrait of us to commemorate the occasion-
(oh, I forgot my earrings and lipstick this morning)
p.s. the restaurant is "Sweetest Thing cupcakes"

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