Sunday, August 1, 2010

a Birthday day

We started the day in the Hawthorn district of Portland with breakfast from the Waffle Window.
Here is a photo of Gary and I waiting for our lovely breakfast. Note to gals-be sure to use good light when applying makeup or you could end up with blue eyebrows!
Nick bringing over some yummies-see the passers by eyeing the waffles!
Mine was Berry bliss-
Gary had the whole farm-
Nick had 3 B's with bacon-
Amy had 3 B's with tomato-
and Gabriele had the granola and fruit-
and this...this is a wise look I think.
We popped into a few shops to browse and stopped into B&J for a photo op-
Hawthorne street and newlyweds-
We also stopped at Peninsula park and I asked for some family photos. Here is what I got,

It was bright, so they closed their eyes and when Gary said 1,2,3 they opened them. Sometimes they even looked where I was standing!
at least most of them did.Finally!!
Don't let Nick have the camera unless you want some driving home shots-

Karl fixed us an amazing lunch of salad, grilled chicken and to-die-for-mac&cheese. We also had some amazing strawberry shortcake. We all went together to get Gary a new "toy" he has been wanting. This will allow him to make his records into MP3 format, perfect for his one of a kind albums...
Then one try at a timer set family shot-perfect end to a glorious day!


Gary Canazzi said...

A totally FUN day! I love you all thanks so much.

annaliese said...

love you! love your family :) so cute!!!

thanks for stopping by...