Thursday, July 15, 2010

One week...

One week or 7 days or about 186 hours or 11,160 minutes or 669,600 seconds

In just one week! my little boy will put on another suit and walk down the aisle to his future...
Oh there are still things to get done and errands to run, but they are thinking about the life they will be sharing. I am so grateful that God answered our prayers and brought along a beautiful gal who just radiates love for her savior. This couple both have parents married to their original spouses! A testament that marriage is work and love and sharing. They have learned well and are committed to making their own marriage last. They truly embody the statement "a wedding is a day-a marriage is forever.

Although my mom's first marriage didn't last, she still kept her dress and photos and bridal book.
Her dress I made into my Christmas tree skirt, photos I put in albums and her bridal book I took apart. Here is the list of gifts she received...I still have the lazy susan, it is plated silver and glass.
I think it is funny that she got a "set of ashtrays" and a "pickle fork."

Now the question you know what a " silent butler" is? I do, but this is a quiz to see if the 50's really were too long ago.

It really has gone by astonishingly fast this last 23 years...I hope that the next 23 slow down some!!

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annaliese said...

so exciting! the big day is so close!!! congratulations, again--and I pray it is wonderful :)

too fun that you have the original wedding gift list still!

and, nope, sorry--I couldn't think of what a silent butler was--until I looked it up (in an old fashioned, PAPER dictionary, if that helps at all!) lol! now I know :) --sounds handy to have around if you are using those ashtrays ;)

thanks for stopping by...