Saturday, March 31, 2012


March 11March 25You saw that first photo in the last post but I just needed to put it here again for a comparison!

She is pretty close to having little peanut-today she was planning on putting her hospital bag together.

As I was looking at her photos I started thinking about the ones Gary took when I was pregnant. So I pulled out the box they were in and looked in our scrapbook for 1984 and found a few to share.

This is from December 1983-
we tried to "hide" our bellies then...
This is January '84-
Gotta love polyester dresses with big bows...
These were "artistic" ones Gary
took the week before Amy was born...
Every girl had photos taken with silk flowers then! Oh and the dress I am wearing...I wore to prom 6 years before.

February 1984
this angel came to live with us and we were all thrilled
especially her Nana-

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