Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is the book that I have been reading for a couple of months. Now if you know me, you are amazed I'm sure that it took that long to read. An example; after I finished this today, I picked up another novel and finished it before going to bed at 10! This treasure took so long because I knew I would be discussing it with some friends so I read and bookmarked passages and such for discussion. Oh, and I actually thought about some of those key passages too. So anyway, as I was finishing up, I thought I was done with the learning. You know it was almost the end, but what did this woman do but put some of the words that I had most been needing to hear, right at the end. Things my therapist has been saying but somehow, hearing someone else say them or it was just the funk I was in, I heard them anew. You want to know don't you...should I tell you or say go get the book? Well for me, the section where she talks about taking everything that is causing sorrow, anger, shame and acknowledging it and accepting it and then letting it rest inside your heart. The place where God is and letting it rest, loving it. I think I have been fighting a lot. Now I am going to need to sit down and do this. I think it will take a bit of time. I only just touched on it today and feel better in the acknowledging.

So that is where I am k

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Teri Leigh said...

I can't wait till we get to discuss it. Sounds like you got a whole lot out of this book. YEA.

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