Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It may not look like it from this photo, but these stacks represent hours of research, cataloging, and organizing. Those tapes are my grans voice I spoke of before. The pictures alone are hard to look at without missing her so I wasn't up to listening to the tapes today. So now a bit more computer work, I found a family tree of her dad's siblings that I need to type up and then onto the album.

On another note;
My dad asked his sister and his girlfriend what they thought of Nick moving in and they both agreed it would be a good thing. So Dad said yes. Now to move furniture out and clean. I don't think it has had a good cleaning since grandma died in 1994. We bought some household stuff for Nick and are trying to convince him to put out some money and paint the place. He says it's okay but really....it is in bad shape. Maybe I can convince Gary...


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