Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I did indeed finish up with the 2007-2008 album to date. Here is one of the layouts I did, it talks about me being Gary's photo assistant.So now which album do I start on? If I do the family history one I have to empty this bag and take all the photos out of the frames. And sort this mess into some sort of cohesiveness.By the way, that picture of the man with the two ladies...that is my grandpa and neither one of those ladies sitting on his lap are my grandma...must have been some partyIf I do the one of my family, I have to sort through this box.I'll let you know what I decide and show you some peeks of the family too later.

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Teri Leigh said...

If anyone can do it, it would be you. You are the most motivated person I know who actually finishes projects and keeps up to date on scrapbooks and such. You inspire me.

thanks for stopping by...