Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sugar cookies!

Last night was cookie decorating night at our little house. I made the cookies on Tuesday and then after dinner we started in. Gary took a few photos to get us going...
Gabriele looks like she really wants the snowman-
Awe-they look so sweet as they steal some treats to eat...
OOPS-Nick has the camera now, you never know what will end up on the camera!
Mixing frosting colors and toppings-
that red turned out sorta pink-
artistic shot-
Gary's back!
wow-I was really close to her wasn't I?
My shaky thumb makes it difficult to take in focus shots!
Changed position of my hand and this one turned out but he wouldn't look at me-
All spread out to dry-
Nick got a bit adventurous in his colors-
love those big coconut flakes-
a bowtie-
oh and the spiritual one made a Jesus cookie-
now to figure out which one to eat! :)

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