Sunday, January 4, 2009

Have you seen??

Who killed the electric car? We rented it from Netflix on the advice of a friend. In this day and age when so much of the news is centered on gas and gas prices and oil and Iraq, why don't we have electric cars available to the masses? Seems like a great idea huh? No exhaust, use solar and wind power to create the electricity-they are free...
Well around 1996 these cars were available-I had no idea!! And yet by 2006 they had disappeared. Watch this movie-it opened my eyes and mind to some new thinking and made me rethink some of the opinions I had.
Okay, I am down from the soap box now.

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annaliese said...

we had a family friend that had one in the 90's. I remember he knew where the plug-in places were around town. his car didn't go very far without needing a charge, like only a few hours.

but I agree with it in theory--will have to check out that movie..thanks :) and hey, if you can't get on a soap box on your own blog--where can you?!

thanks for stopping by...