Friday, January 23, 2009

10 days

10 days from when Randy started the kitchen, it is practically done!
The doors with glass went up today-I did some more shopping for organizing containers. I love to have places for everything to live.
Then I did touch up painting and wiped everything down with vinegar/water. Cleaned the floors and then put everything away that had been piling in the dining room and living room. My house looks back to normal...if you don't look in the back room. Amy wants to help put everything away on Sunday. Organizing is FUN!
I brought out my new mixer and canisters-they look so cute I think.Now we think we may need new dishes, we are thinking of mixing up colors of this-and bringing home a few pieces from my mom's collection for accents. She collected serving pieces in the original "red" color.


annaliese said...

oh! I love all the colors!

haha! word verification is 'heavan'--just a poorly spelled description of how your new kitchen looks :)

Holly said...

I LOVE fiesta ware and often secretly hope more dishes will break so I'll feel justified in purchasing some :)

thanks for stopping by...