Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last week and beyond

In my August 23rd post I mentioned my ability to get really good parking spots. Gary made me take a picture of the car right in front of the store we were going to...ecru. You need to check this store out if you have an affinity for cards, paper and office supplies. Ecru describes itself as the modern stationer. It has walls of cards and lots of journals, post it type notes and just general yummy stuff. We got some tape on clearance, sticky notes, a cute storage bag with old camera images and ordered a really cool address stamp. It's in the Pearl District and easy to get to.
Sunday Amy came over and had no real plans so I asked for her decorating advice for my craft cottage. We took everything off the walls and started fresh. By we I mean Gary and I-Amy was the not paid designer! This is one corner- The canvas we had seen something similar online. Amy painted the background, I picked out letters and painted them & then I glued it all down. Finished with glitter Mod Podge because...I could!
close - up...
I bought these two windows at a friend's garage sale. I attached photos I had copied from online to the back with clear contact paper. This one is in the cottage-in case you couldn't tell from the pink boa!
This one is in the living room. Although because of motion sickness I can't enjoy carnival rides,I do enjoy the beauty of them.
This week has been productive with home things and business and a bit of crafting fun. There is just something fulfilling about getting stuff done. I hit Walmart's back to school isle and picked up some cute composition books that I think I will transform into journals to sell. But first I have my current life journal to finish as part of my last Soul Restoration class...

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