Saturday, February 28, 2009

A story of a counter

So when I walked into the kitchen yesterday the sun was streaming onto the counter and I was struck by the items there. The round s/p shakers, antiques from a friend. The photo of me and my brothers licking beaters and bowl in grandma's kitchen. The bowl and colander the hold fruit and veges-I need to go to the store. The little coffee pot that makes just enough coffee for Gary to have a cup in the morning. And that lone "Cutie" that is just waiting for my breakfast. I loved all the colors and the play of circles and squares.
I had a happy, smiley heart looking at all these things and thinking of the people and times they represented.
I really did have all those things go through my mind as I looked upon it. They didn't come later as I looked at the photo. Wow, I must have had a really good nights sleep!

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