Friday, August 21, 2009

Changes and Craigslist

I've been trying all day to update my 365 blog but other things are screaming for my attention!

It looks like Nick is going to move back home to save a bit of time and money, so now I need to get rid of some room. I've listed them on Craigslist but thought about the fact that the more people who knew, the better chance to get them sold...
If you are interested in these items, I can email you the measurements.

These club chairs I am just tired of, even though they look almost like they did when we had them reupholstered in 2002. One chair $90/ two chairs $160.
This little table is losing it's home and storage isn't something I have a lot of!
$30 and it's yours.
Oh and the rattan couch... I love this couch and it is so comfortable. $195
My creative solution to getting more hidden storage. An old suitcase mounted on leg spindles-$40.
Now off to read the papers and have a snack...have a grand weekend! :)

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Teri Leigh said...

When does this big move occur?

thanks for stopping by...