Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a Valentine's Day

Valentine's day portrait....
Started the day at New Heights East and heard a great talk about how to pray. We also got to see the "boy" playing...always neat.
Gary's coffee to start the fun-
Then off to Mississippi Ave. in Portland for a sunny stroll through shops-
The plant store had a bunch of different chickens and this one was smart enough to come inside for breakfast-
Photos of us-

Lunch at Mississippi station-
with a BLTA-
and an open faced burger- oh and a half order of french toast (made with bread pudding) to go. Yummy without even warming it up!
oh that guy likes to take my picture-
a bowling ball for the sphere garden-
then home for a nap and movie...fun!!

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Gary Canazzi said...

It was a VERy fun day with you.

thanks for stopping by...