Saturday, September 4, 2010

the one about Chairs

On our back porch we have a lovely formica table we found for free downtown. However there were no chairs with it. I have two chairs on the porch but they are too big for the table. When I saw these chairs one day as we were driving down an alley downtown...yep we were snooping on peoples backyards, they were by the trash so we scooped them up.

This first image is after the beautiful seats were removed and before Gary sanded them~
These are the colors I chose to paint them after a few coats of primer~
In process~
Ta-da~ there they are snuggled up to the table. Maybe I should have removed the tablecloth so you could see the table...I covered the newly padded seats with the other half of the tablecloth.
Ready for the close-ups~
I just love all the colors~
Primer & paint- $25
Tablecloth- $5 (clearance at Target)
Brackets & screws-$0 (to reattach seats since we should have cut new wood)

Gary said the free chairs were expensive but I say the cuteness is priceless!


Canazzi said...

Okay I guess $10.00 a piece is really not that bad now that I see them all done.

Teri Leigh said...

I love it! So cute. They just make me smile. If you were going to buy a table and chairs set, I can guarantee that you would pay a whole lot more than what you spent.

thanks for stopping by...