Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something to brag about!

This guy is an amazing photographer and I am so happy to be married to him! It has been a fun & busy few months as we've gotten a much earlier start on Senior Portraits than ever before. I wanted to share a few of the images since his blog features seniors we took last season.
This is Spencer
This is Matthew
This is Jessica
This is Dominique
This is Drew
This is Jenna
This is Ashlee
This is Austin
Ashlee and Austin are twins~
This is Cassie
This is Dan
This is Jake
This is Sierra
This is Bria
and the other 3 seniors and three families we did will have to wait for another post.

I told you I had something to brag about!! I think he is fantastic at this portrait work and he adapts so easily, no matter where the students want us to take their portraits.
Now I need to go and rescue him from the computer...


Jaron said...

I agree - Gary is fantastic. We had such a great time working with both of you!

Canazzi said...

Jaron - I can't wait to show you what we captured. Hopefully they will be done in a few more days.

thanks for stopping by...