Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Did you know that my family LOVES Christmas? The music, decorations, lights-oh and gifts too.
Christmas starts arriving the day after Thanksgiving when the house gets decorated, the tree goes up and the festivities begin. So in anticipation of all things Christmas, we have to start before Thanksgiving getting new items ready...

We have at least 3 sets of "themes" in our decorations. This year we will be using our traditional items but gearing the colors closer to pink, red and apple green. I made these pom-poms from leftover yarn from another project. Don't know what we will do with them but they are cute.
I took apart an old story book for new dining room art-
This is a new banner for the hall-
Being super efficient this week...I even designed, printed, addressed and stuffed our cards into envelopes. The bigger stack goes to our clients--it has been a very busy year! YEAH.
In a couple weeks I will be catering a breakfast for a friends workplace. The theme I am working with is snowflakes, pink and red. I made these coffee sleeves for each of the ladies. The white dots are fabric paint which when dry should lend an anti-slip effect. Very important since I bought 16 oz. cups!
On Friday we took Gabriele and Nick to Sleighbells in Sherwood, OR. after our coffee stops-
These fake gingerbread houses were neat-
Nick kept telling Gabriele she wasn't supposed to get in the sleigh-
If you haven't been to Sleighbells yet and want to visit-I would suggest going during the week. It is a place with lots of stuff and most of it is breakable and crammed in pretty tightly. Walk ways are tiny!

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