Monday, May 2, 2011

an Easter remembrance

I had been asking for two weeks if the kids wanted to come over for Easter and nobody would answer me. Then on Good Friday when Nick and Gabriele were over after church, they said they really would like to come to our house on Sunday.

I love planning ahead so it felt a bit rushed to me to come up with a meal plan. I'm the only one who loves ham so the "traditional" meal was out. I didn't really want to do a lot of cooking either-so I settled on a chicken, orzo, fruit salad. It is yummy and I could make it ahead of time. I had some mini croissants I had picked up from the discount rack at Freddie's and frozen, so those came out. I made up some banana bread, deviled some eggs, checked the spreadable feta, made a dessert and we were set.

A little decoration to make it festive...Gary suggested an egg hunt but I said I didn't think that would fly!
The happy family waiting to start-
The dessert-dirt cake with peeps on top-

oh and then we played games for a few hours. And that story about the egg hunt...I told it and all three of the kids said "oh, that would have been fun." Guess I don't know them as well as I thought.


Lori said...

I love the "Silly Rabbit" quote. Can I steal it for next year? Looking forward to checking out your blog more!

Lori said...

I found you through the comments on Michelle Allen's blog. I love her work. I met her at ArrtFest last year.

thanks for stopping by...