Friday, May 27, 2011

I love May

I love May because I get to hear how wonderful I am...a lot. And this info comes from someone other than myself! I try to tell myself I'm wonderful every day-how about you?!

I was going to do a long post about why May is so great but then I thought two posts would be more fun. This will be the shorter post, not because it is any less important just that it is a one day event.

Mother's day has evolved through the years around here. With both the kids married I don't get cold toast with peanut butter and a cup of cocoa anymore. Now I fix my own breakfast but get to still spend the day with those I care most about. We are still figuring out what the best solution is so all the moms involved get equal treatment. This year that meant the spouses spent time with their moms and Amy & Nick came here. Since Gabriele's mom ended up working, she got to come too. It was an event for the calendar because...Gary cooked dinner! He cooked me dinner once before we were married but I can't recall him doing it since. I am talking here about a main dish and extras. Nick was finishing up work and the girls and I were looking through magazines at the table in case Gary had questions-but he did it all.

Made salad, melted butter and added stuff for an awesome garlic/Parmesan bread, skewered shrimp and chicken, covered them in pesto and grilled them. YUMMO.

After dinner we all decided on a drive, so we got in the Jeep and headed out. Gary and I wanted to take them to this area where we think the houses are awesome. But we couldn't find it. That is what happens when you take too many photo drives-you can't remember where you have been. We did end up at the Bob's Red Mill site, which was closed. But Dave's Killer Bread was across the street so we went there. Got some awesome raisin bread too.

When we got home nobody was hungry yet and it was time for the kids to head out, so I packed some cake for them to take home and got a bunch of hugs. Love that!!
this is a mandarin cake made by Marsee's and available
at Zupan's and Fred Meyer at Grand.

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