Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love May-part 2

I had only a couple parties growing up for my birthday so I plan my own every year! This year I did a take off on the movie "13 going on 30".

Amy designed the invites-

I neglected to take an photo of the goodie bags but they had wishing dust, razzles, pixie sticks, twinkies, a mixed "tape" cd and other assorted fun stuff.
In preparation, the kids strung twinkle lights and balloons for me-

I made "tie dye" cupcakes with chocolate frosting-
We had snacks popular in the 70's-
and mini sandwiches, wienie wraps and bbq meatballs too.
my partner-who knew just how to decorate for a 13 or 15 year party-
and did my bright eye make up and nails...
we had to have a wall of heart throbs-can you name them all??
Presents- including this huge flower-

I did take photos of the gals who came but...since I asked them to come in pj's and not all of them had make-up on-I decided for everybody's sake not to post them!

Part 3 will be coming up soon-

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