Monday, June 6, 2011

I love May-part 3

Another party!!
This one was with the family and since most of them are working, I prepared dinner. We had pork chops baked with Rib City bbq sauce and roasted potatoes.

When it was time for presents I asked for my boa so I would be dressed for the festivities...
This is the cake I made...meringue disks with chocolate mousse layered between and frosted with mousse. Then I covered the outside with meringue sticks.
And this is what it looks like cut after sitting in the fridge overnight. Let me tell you - this was a yummy dessert and everyone liked it too.

We walked around the yard and looked at all the flowers blooming. Karl was on the look out for birds and bugs to photograph...he found some silly things too.
and this is Daisy helping herself to a bit of dinner...
So that was you know why I like it so much!

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