Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June is fun too!

Hey did you see the mini loaf van at Burgerville Salmon Creek last weekend? We have been waiting for it to make it's way here.They cut down regular size vans to make these-I think they made 4 and have been making their way across the U.S. In June we celebrate the birth of Mrs. Gabriele. I made these layered streamers in her honor.
Her cake was white with chocolate chips and fresh strawberry frosting.
Dinner was Lemon chicken risotto...
Then we celebrated Father's day last week. Everyone came even our friend Vicki who rents from my dad. Kinda handy when you want a family shot...even a raccoon showed up...
Dinner was lasagna made from this recipe... I did use ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese and chicken italian sausage instead of the hot breakfast sausage. No draining needed. Salad and garlic bread. Most of the meal (not the bread) was organic and I used a rice based lasagna noodle. It was the first time I had made it and it is now the only one I will ever use!
Dessert was only one of these chocolate cakes with strawberry filling and ganache. The other was for Vicki to buy for her family celebration.
Shockingly- Karl got a photo of my dad smiling...
oh look...another one!
and this is my favorite of Gary that night. Amy gave him a card that said he kicked ass as a dad. And then something about since she was an adult now she could say ass.
This is the envelope from the card Nick made. To make the card he used my typewriter and wrote about the things he remembers most about growing up with his dad. But the envelope just made us laugh because of the sketching he added.
Karl tried out some fun techniques while Gary shot pool-

and the rest of us played Cranium...
another post will soon follow-about some more fun we had as a family...you won't want to miss it!

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