Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scrappin' is fun!

Been doing more scrapping....finished the 4 generation, then a commissioned work for a friend and then I redid my book of school pictures,report cards, etc. I'll give you a peek at that later.
When my DD (dear daughter) color corrected the photos for me she put together a collage of my faces from 3rd-11th grades. The ones from 2nd and 12th are on a different page. I thought it was neat and so am sharing it with you dear friends.
Gary and I head to the beach to do an engagement shoot tomorrow, I'll try and post some of those next week.

have a grand day,


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Anonymous said...

some people are so creative it just ooozes out of them! looks like another winner! a great display of God's handiwork - He did good work when He made you.

thanks for stopping by...