Monday, August 4, 2008


I am feeling very proud of myself for getting so much accomplished lately. Projects that I have wanted to do and also new ones. Amy and I started new little books this weekend. We started with 4x6 photo books I got on clearance at Target and also with fill in the blank stickers. We pulled matching papers to coordinate. Now to fill out the stickers and add matching photos. I'll share when we get finished.
We started that after we got home from shopping. I decided that although my closet is full of serviceable clothing, most of it is pretty bland. That is what shopping discount and second hand stores gives you. With the reunion coming up, it was a perfect excuse to update. We had fun. Didn't look much at sizes just went for what fit. Lots of silky type fabrics which is so not what I usually wear. I was amazed how much it changed how I feel about going out in public, etc. just to get some clothes that I think are stylish. To dress for cuteness instead of just what would cover me...

I am starting a new book today that I have heard a lot of good things about. It is called love and respect. All about how women want love and men want respect and the circle to achieve these things within relationships. Should be good.

Oh and because I love is the nest, they flew off just after I showed you it before.

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