Thursday, August 21, 2008

Senior season begins...

The rush has started. I guess when the high school seniors get their packets and class assignments they realize yearbook pictures are due soon. Everyday it seems I am booking another session. This really is what Gary and I love to do the most! It unleashes our creativity and sense of adventure.

Stephanie came with some fun clothes and a willingness to try anything for a great shot, LOVE the boots!
Lexi had her session at her house. We did some awesome pictures on the trampoline but I wanted to share this photo with her cat. The cat really didn't want to be there and kept looking at Lexi like "pleease let me down."
Kim and Meghan are twins and we photographed them with their family a few months back.
For their senior session we headed to Lewisville park, luckily it was an overcast morning so the light wasn't too harsh on the water.
Another cute shot of Stephanie; This is Courtney. We did her sister's portraits a few years ago so it was fun to have the family come back to us. I was at the Phantom of the Opera with Amy, so Gary had to do this session by himself. Luckily, he said he prefers when I come to help with lighting. Whew, job security!
Her portraits were done at Leverich Park and a few spots downtown.
Before next weekend's wedding appointment we have 3 more seniors. And this is in addition to Gary's "real" job. The man has to work too hard. Like I said before, good thing he enjoys the kids!

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