Monday, August 11, 2008


Well anyone who knows me, knows I have a mouth that runs on and often interrupts...sorry.

My report cards clear back to the second grade have comments about talking too much and giving the answers before anyone else has a chance!

I did lots of talking this weekend and have a scratchy throat to prove it. It was the weekend of my class reunion. I thought when I filled out the questionaire that writing about my marriage and children as my "greatest accomplishments" was too predictable. However, lots of other people wrote that too!

So, back to the talking...first I talked a bit with this guy on Friday night. His name is Jim and we had lockers close to each other in high school. We have stayed friends and his wife I consider one of my closest friends-love ya Teri. Anyway, I didn't want to go all by myself and it was grad night so I begged Jim to go with me. (Took me right back to my school days and dances.)
We were both excited and wondering who would show up and all that. I had another guy that I was friends with (yep, just friends) and his wife and I became close when our children were babies. They live in Hermiston, OR and I hardly ever see them anymore. Well Joseph and Denise were there. I spent most of the evening catching up with all their family is doing and talking about mine too.
On Saturday, we had the reunion dinner and lots more people showed up. It was fun sharing stories and I took my album of school pictures/report cards. The stories I shared with friends were met with blank stares. They didn't remember the incidents at all. Kinda funny what we remember isn't it? One gal said that she remembered that I had told her my favorite color was orange. (good since our school colors were orange and black!) I even had a suit my mom had made for me with orange pants and a jacket with orange flowers that I wore with a yellow top. I had another friend talk about how our house was always so clean and that my mom decorated in the "minimalist style." Okay, I was the one who cleaned the house and we didn't have much because we couldn't afford it. Again, funny the impressions we pick up about people.

I got to sit with a gal whose mom used to care for my brother and I. She had 6 brothers and sisters, so there was a lot to catch up on. Her name is Kathleen and I used to be so jealous of her because her mom was able to be an at home mom. Oh and Kathleen got an Easy Bake Oven. She didn't really need it, we baked in the real one all the time...but just the same... This is her with her husband Ted.Then on Sunday, Amy came over for our craft day. We're working on these little books that we started with journal prompt stickers which I talked about in my last post. Well, once I have all the photos in I'll share. I goofed on one page and started filling it out before reading the whole thing. So it says something like I enjoy spending time with Amy doing crafts and that I am so glad I met her __________. Had to fill it in with "at the hospital in 1984"!! Here is a picture of her and Nick in my little cottage.oh and one more and my lovely husband(can I say lovely? maybe I should say manly or studly?!)I'm off to rest now or drink something cool...

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