Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas happenings

Home making gingerbread style-
the architects-Nick and Gabriele
The finished house-
Christmas cards finished and mailed...
Cards made to sell at a cute coffee shop-
Muddie buddies made and muched and another batch made-
Chex mix made and mostly munched-
Fake almond roca made and it is yummy!
Sunday we drove out to Troutdale for Harry and David fruitcake-we just love it!
Then Amy worked on a project for her house and I made labels for homemade treats.
Dinner and Trivial Pursuit followed. Gary got mad that one of my questions was,"How do you spell the shortened version of it is?"
Oh and in the background is a view of the kitchen that is definately changing next excited am I?! Now if we could just agree on a counter top...
Oh and I remade/expanded our Christmas album, I'll take some pictures and show you it soonish!


Dapoppins said...

What a great holiday post!

Please pass the Muddie Buddies please.

annaliese said...

wow! I am always so impressed with you photos and craft projects! thanks for sharing your Christmasy fun! I am currently addressing my Christmas cards--what fun this time of year is! :)

I have to say, though, I'm with Gary on the Trivial Pursuit question--that was a bit ridiculous!!! lol!

Amy said...

I'm sad to see the photo of us with goofy faces looking excited about the game didn't get posted... :)

thanks for stopping by...