Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life happens

Cuteness I won!
The images of my Christmas album as promised. What was an 8x8 spiral with black pages became a HUGE 12x12 scrapbook with yearly pages as well as our traditions.
Our contractor came over last night and more or less said I was dreaming way too big for my little kitchen. So I won't be getting cool units to pull out for the corners or a side opening wall oven :( It is not all bad though, Gary finally agreed to my Formica choice and glass tile backsplash. We also picked out cork flooring and all new appliances. Can't wait to get my "Martha Stewart Blue" mixer out! Here is a picture of Gary and I with the money needed to get this thing rolling.
Okay we are doing a remodel in a kitchen that is pretty cute. But under all that paint and contact paper is disaster....
A dear friend gave me these for Christmas-
Lovely thriftshop finds-
this cuteness was only $4 well actually $3.99!
Sunday with Amy started at her house doing box office chores for their production of The Best Christmas Pagent Ever. Then we headed home and made sugar cookies and decorated some of them. Amy made one for each of us-mine has sugar glitter...
I got a new hairdo(sorta like one I had before) and then my Wednesday craft student had to cancel because of the weather. It has been crazy around here. Snowing one minute then blue skies. Supposedly we are to have this wintery weather till long as it doesn't keep people from getting here-okay! I feel like I am trying to get a cold and then I had to have a root canal today. They numbed up the whole side of my face but my tooth was still sensitive to cold. So I got a few more shots and that did the trick. Now I'm on softish food and eating on the opposite side of my mouth until the dentist can fit me into his schedule. Which happens to be the 29th!! I'll be gumming my ham, etc. for Christmas.


annaliese said...

wonderful cuteness you shared! the photo of you two with the money is great--priceless look on Gary's face!
sorry to hear about the root canal--ick! maybe puree-ing the ham would work?!

haha! word verification: bleas --what you will sound like saying 'please' with your mouth numb (sorry--couldn't resist)

dotoner said...

love it love it!

thanks for stopping by...